2015 Online Course Wraps Up Successfully  

26 November 2015

IGMENA and DiploFoundation are pleased to announce that another successful edition of the online Internet governance course has been completed. Thanks to all our talented participants from countries across the Middle East and North Africa who came together to learn and share ideas about how laws, policies, processes, and technical standards related to the Internet impact free expression, privacy, transparency, accountability, and access to information in the MENA region. Of course, special thanks also goes out to our great team of tutors who served as teachers and mentors through the 8-week course.

This year, we had more than 50 students successfully complete the course. Top students will have the opportunity to attend the Arab Internet Governance Forum in Beirut as IGMENA fellows next month. The Arab IGF will take place December 17-18, 2015. Fellows will be joined by their course tutors for an IGMENA pre-event, and will have opportunities to engage with their mentors throughout the conference.

Fellows will be well prepared to participate actively in the conference after learning about key topics in the online course:
  • The ecology of Internet governance: how the Internet works, the stakeholders involved, and a brief history of its development
  • The status of MENA national and regional Internet governance forums and space
  • Internet rights: human rights and the Internet, privacy and security, open source and privatization, content regulation and free speech
  • Communications and information policy work around Internet rights and its influence on Internet governance processes
  • Methods to participate actively in national and regional policy-making processes in order to influence discourse and outcomes
  • Best practices at the global level and from other country case studies in an effort to apply those to the local context

Feedback on this year’s course was very positive. Participants particularly appreciated materials and case studies custom-tailored to the region. Participants also enjoyed the opportunity to interact by commenting on the course readings, blogging about course topics, and engaging in weekly chat sessions with instructors and classmates.

Here are just a few comments from the online Internet governance course participants:

“The online course Internet Governance in the MENA Region was a great experience. The sessions and contact with other students really helped me to gain a wide view on the topics of IG, cyber protection & online human rights.”

“This course enlightened me with the real challenges MENA region must face, and opportunities it must seize…at the beginning of this course, my idea about internet was revolving only around the rights of the internet users but by the end, my views become broader and deeper to embrace all involved parties.”

“Joining the course was really helpful for me, since it introduced me to different case studies of internet governance in the MENA region and helped me understand the relationship between the different stakeholders and the important role that civil society should play in the regulating and reflection process.”

For more information about the online course, email [email protected]