Hivos and DiploFoundation Build the Capacity of More Stakeholders from MENA on Internet Governance and Policy  

by Interact Egypt - Play Innovation
Last week Hivos and DiploFoundation, in collaboration with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), launched the advanced phase of the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IGCBP): Online Training Programme on Internet Governance and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa. The advanced course explores in-depth aspects related to IG, including the history of the Internet, topics and issues related to the infrastructure and critical Internet resources, cybersecurity, human rights and privacy issues, and the freedoms of expression and information.

The course has the main objective of helping participants understand the particular areas of importance in IG, with a special focus on their impact on the MENA region; and explore the implications of human rights in IG topics, especially privacy and freedom of expression.

Within the advanced phase, 30 participants representing various stakeholders from more than ten MENA countries are being tutored in two virtual classes that are run simultaneously. While some participants are alumni who have successfully completed the introduction phase of the training programme, the rest are newcomers joining the platform for the first time.

Participants began the training programme with an orientation week to get familiarised with the course methodology and tools of interactions: hypertext entries, blog, forums, and online sessions. This will be followed by eight weeks of study and discussion about various in-depth thematic areas.

The IGCBP is based on a collaborative learning approach where each participant has knowledge and/or experience in the field of Internet Governance, and special insight into his or her region. Participants, therefore, are expected to share their knowledge and experience through discussion and interaction within the classroom.