Internet Freedom in the Arab Region  

Hivos produced a video featuring the reflections of civil society members— representing different backgrounds from the Arab region—who participated in a workshop under the title “Internet Governance and Policy: Anchoring and Safeguarding Internet Openness in the Middle East and North Africa”. The video explores the participants’ conception of Internet freedom to Arab citizens and their participation in the decision-making process and Internet policies. Moreover, it examines their understanding of Internet access within a framework of human rights.

Participants’ testimonials illustrate how many Arab citizens perceive Internet freedom as a major manifestation of global citizenship, wherein people from different parts of the globe are connected together and are given the proper space and tools to speak up and share knowledge and ideas. Living in the information age, participants have also valued the Internet for facilitating the exchange of information and hence representing a source of power. Finally, there was an agreement on the inevitability of reaching a common understanding and adopting a multi-stakeholder approach in codifying Internet legislation and policies.