Call for Participants: Training Programme on Internet Governance and Policy in the Middle East and North Africa 3-6 June 2014, Beirut, Lebanon  

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Internet Governance has become a mainstream issue, due largely to the controversial Snowden revelations that triggered a wave of outrage on a global scale, calling for more transparency on how the Internet is governed, for the decentralisation of Internet management, and for protection of human rights on the Internet. These urgent needs require the participation of Internet users from the Arab region in global discussion about how to shape Internet policies.
Internet Governance is the overall process of Internet management, its security, stability, and development. Currently there is lack of understanding and knowledge amongst most Internet users in the Arab region about Internet Governance, which impedes their full participation and integration in the discussion as main stakeholders. As a result, engaging Arab Internet users in the regional and global debate about Internet Governance first requires building knowledge on the subject.
The Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation (Hivos) is organising the second edition of its training on Internet Governance, policy, and cyber security as part of its programme on Internet Governance MENA region. The training will be hosted by AltCity in Beirut, 3-6 June 2014
The training will bring participants together from various disciplines to learn about the Internet Governance process, and to exchange ideas regarding Internet issues specific to the Arab region from three angles: policy, technology, and advocacy.
Hivos is seeking participants who are interested in learning about Internet policy and who would like to be part of regional and global discussions about topics related to the management of the Internet, cyber security, digital safety, privacy, surveillance, freedom of expression, and Internet rights.
Who May Apply
This is a tailor-made training for participants from the Arab region, providing them access to a network of international and Arab region experts on Internet Governance and Internet public policy. While most of the training material and sessions will be conducted in English, participants are encouraged to also initiate discussions in Arabic.
Candidates who may apply for this training include:
  • civic actors
  • bloggers
  • journalists
  • human rights activists
  • scholars
  • students of law, political science, or International relations 
  • public sector employees in communications and technology 
  • private sector employees at companies operating in the Internet industry
Candidates must:
  • be fluent in English
  • have basic knowledge of Internet issues related to the Arab region 
  • be willing to participate fully in an intensive four-day training 

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, 4 May 2014 at midnight CET. Selected candidates will be notified no later than 8 May 2014.
Arabic application
English application

Hivos is an international development organisation guided by humanist values. Together with local civil society organisations in developing countries, Hivos wants to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world. A world in which all citizens – both women and men – have equal access to opportunities and resources for development and can participate actively and equally in decision-making processes that determine their lives, their society and their future.
AltCity is an open and creative community collaboration space for entrepreneurs, media producers and social activists. Located in the Hamra area of Beirut, AltCity helps facilitate, mobilize, encourage, and support high-impact entrepreneurship and innovation in Lebanon and throughout the region by enabling and supporting a strong and dynamic social innovation and social entrepreneurship community, especially around core themes of media, technology, and design.

Call for Participants 
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