Internet Governance in MENA — Beyond Clichés  

Multistakeholderism. Bottom-up. Consensus-based decisions

These are just a few of the many buzzwords you will learn inside the Internet Governance (IG) microcosm. Indeed, you will hear them often during the two days of Arab IGF.

In practice, however, IG issues in the MENA region have a long way to go to move beyond the goodwill speeches and specialized terminology.

Current questions concerning IG in MENA include:
  • How can we apply the multistakeholderism model in our region?
  • How might we overcome challenges at the national level and make the model effective?
  • What about citizen participation and effectiveness of civil society in IG?
  • How can civil society in MENA get involved at the global level?

This roundtable discussion will explore some solutions, encourage fresh ideas, and be action-oriented. No panel and no official presentation; just audience participation. The session will be facilitated by newcomers and we welcome frank and open discussion.

Join us!