Internet Legislation Atlas: Mapping freedom of expression online  

The advent of the Internet has raised many issues around the intersection of human rights and technology. The question is how the existing local Internet legislation safeguards human rights in the digital space. Aiming to demystify some of these challenges, Hivos and ARTICLE 19 have announced the launch of Internet Legislation Atlas platform.

The Internet Legislation Atlas is an initiative that looks into the ecosystem of Internet-related laws in countries in the MENA region, where the legal frameworks that regulate human rights on the Internet can be arbitrary and ambiguous. ILA assesses the level of compliance of selected digital rights laws with international human rights standards.

Currently, the project provides legal analysis of the frameworks governing the Internet in seven countries: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Tunisia. The ILA’s assessment has identified numerous challenges in the region which range from lack of transparency to arbitrary policies, vague Internet legislation with loopholes, absence of consultation with the public and poor understanding of Internet governance.

With the ILA project, Hivos and ARTICLE 19 strive to identify opportunities for improvements, and raise the awareness of concerned stakeholders to be engaged in the Internet governance process and participate in the policy discourse.

The project has been developed in collaboration with local communities and consultation with the different stakeholders. ILA local partners are: Association for Freedom of Expression and Thought (Egypt), ASL19 (Iran), Iraqi Network for Social Media (Iraq), 7iber (Jordan), Maharat Foundation (Lebanon and Syria) and Amor Boubakri (independent consultant/Tunisia).

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