Online Training on Internet Governance – Apply Before 8 June 2016!  

16 May,2016

Emerging leaders from civil society in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) are invited to apply for the fourth annual online training on Internet governance, made possible by the Hivos through the Internet Governance in the MENA Region IGMENA Programme. The course modules are developed and customised to the Middle East by IGMENA and will be hosted and facilitated by DiploFoundation, the global leader of capacity development programmes on Internet governance. The application deadline is 8 June 2016.

Programme Overview
From data privacy and cybersecurity to content regulation and net neutrality, policymakers and advocates face complex challenges related to the Internet. What background knowledge is necessary to understand these complex topics? How can civic actors engage on these issues and effectively advocate for policies that benefit Internet users? What are the unique challenges and opportunities for civic actors in the Middle East and North Africa? How can MENA develop more effective strategies for the Arab Internet Governance Forum? This program creates a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and tools to address these issues, communicate with actors from government and the technical community, and influence policy outcomes.
The IGMENA training programme equips stakeholders from across the region to take a leadership role in Internet governance and policy discussions at the local, regional, and global level. The eight-week course features customised content developed to reflect current policy challenges specific to the Middle East. Course materials include case studies from the region, ensuring that the content is relevant and practical.
By the end of the course, participants will be able to speak fluently about a range of Internet governance topics, connect this knowledge to their own experiences and context, and apply concepts from the course to their advocacy work. The programme will introduce select participants to a broader community of Internet governance experts and professionals by sponsoring participation in regional and global Internet governance processes. All successful participants will receive a Hivos/DiploFoundation course certificate. Top participants will be considered for fellowships to attend the IGMENA Summit in Tunis in late September 2016.
Course Description
The training takes place over the course of eight weeks. Each week has a specific focus:
Week 1: Course Introduction and Orientation
Week 2: Internet Governance History
Week 3: How the Internet Functions
Week 4: Human Rights and Internet Governance
Week 5: Cybersecurity
Week 6: Mass Surveillance and Internet Filtering
Week 7: A Practical View of Policy-making processes
Week 8: Final Assignment
Course material will cover the following topics in depth:

·       The ecology of Internet governance: how the Internet works, the stakeholders involved, and a brief history of its development since the 1990s
·       The status of MENA national and regional Internet governance forums and spaces
·       Internet rights: human rights and the Internet, privacy and security, open source and privatization, content regulation and free speech
·       Communications and information policy work around Internet rights and its influence on Internet governance processes
·       Methods to participate actively in national and regional policy-making processes in order to influence discourse and outcomes
·       Best practices at the global level and from other country case studies in an effort to apply those to the local context
We encourage you to apply if you are one or more of the following:
  • A public sector employee working in the field, for example at the national regulator or the ministry of communication and technology
  • A private sector employee working in the field, for example at an Internet or technology company
  • A blogger, journalist, human rights activist, scholar, or researcher
  • A student of law, political science, international relations, computer science, or engineering
All applicants must:
  • Be able to communicate in English well enough to read academic texts and discuss complex concepts
  • Have regular access to the Internet (dial-up connection is sufficient, but broadband is preferable)
  • Commit 5-8 hours each week to the class (most of this can be done at the time of your preference, however, this is a one-hour meeting once a week which you will need to attend)
  • Participate in class discussions and complete required activities, including posting 3-5 comments each week on the course materials and completing the written course assignment

The tuition fees of the training programme will be covered by a fellowship from Hivos.
Important Dates
8 June 2016: Deadline for applications
17 June 2016: Selected applicants are notified
22 June 2016: Deadline for confirming participation (selected applicants)
24 June 2016: Training begins
1 September 2016 Fellowships announced for IGMENA Summit Tunis
How to apply
See complete information about the course at Internet Governance in the MENA Region and complete the application form  by 8 June 2016 (before 23:59 GMT). Selected candidates will be contacted by 17 June 2016. E-mail [email protected] with any questions about the programme or the application process.