IGMENA event : Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) transition from censorship to openness and transparency  

18 May. 2016  

Venue : 404 lab, 13  Jugurtha Street, Mutuelle Ville
The Internet Governance in the Middle East and North African Region program (IGMENA) will organize a roundtable discussion on 20 May 2016 at 3 PM. The meeting will be held in the previous ATI headquarter (404 labs). The Tunisian Internet Agency ATI is the exclusive state Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the country. ATI was considered, during the former regime as the commander of censorship controlling free access to the Internet.
IGMENA community will provoke a constructive discussion with ATI officials on the history of Censorship, Online freedoms, Net neutrality, Cybersecurity policies and the use of encryption tools. The debate aims at addressing questions and putting forwards new policy suggestions for the main challenges and concerns for the internet cyberspace before and after the Tunisian uprising from a Civil Society community perspective.
It is worth to mention that despite the challenging context including new actors on the scene and the technical and financial issues, several important steps have been made by ATI and the agency still endeavors to regain its lead in Tunisia. That can only be possible through teamwork and cooperation between ATI, the private sector, the government, academia and civil society to promote progress. 
The event will be an occasion to open a dialogue between State officials and CS advocates to achieve a highly conducive environment for better internet governance climate in Tunisia. This discussion will explore new policy solutions and encourage fresh ideas.                                                                                

Guest Speakers
•    Mrs. Wafa Dahmani, Senior Engineer & Head of Internet Resources Department, Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI)
•    Mr.Mohamed Saidane, Senior Engineer, Head of the Network Department
•    Mr.Zied Dridi, Senior engineer, Head of Internet Service Department
 Debate questions
  • What were the main tasks and functions of the ATI under the previous regime?      
  • Can you elaborate more on the TunisXP project and the ATI main function?   
  • What are the ATI Structural Reforms & Technical tasks and the main challenges facing ATI today?
  • What are the ATI projects, initiatives, and  future plans for involving the community into the IG policy making process ?

There will be a networking session where light refreshments will be served ! We welcome you to enjoy a frank and open discussion !
Join us !