IGMENA is recruiting for the ILA Advisory Board  

IGMENA plans to form an Advisory Board to support the implementation of the fourth phase of Internet Legislation Atlas project that includes producing a visual tool for comparative analysis. The previous three phases included mapping the legal landscape (first phase), providing analysis to the legal frameworks regulating the digital space (second phase), and designing and producing the online platform (third phase). More information on ILA project could be found here.

One of the core building blocks of ILA project is the engagement of the local community throughout the phases of the project and on different levels. In addition to working with the project partners, consultation with local legal experts, researchers and civil society organizations are bolstered in order to incorporate input from the concerned stakeholders, and ensure the project addresses the needs of the local community and hence is steered in the right direction. To this end, the second and third phases of the project were also supported by a working group of 20 members representing local communities.

Aiming at maintaining this participatory approach, IGMENA is currently recruiting for ILA Advisory Board (ILA-AB). The main mission of the ILA-AB is to support the implementation of the fourth phase of the project through providing guidance in applying and visualizing the indicators on Internet legislation. The ILA-AB will be formed of up to 15 policy experts who will hold the position for the period of June – December 2016.

The scope of the work of the ILA-AB is:
  • To review ILA indicators methodology and provide feedback on their application;
  • To identify the complex legal and technical terms that are hard to interpret and advise on how to simplify them;
  • To contribute to the development of guidelines on how to apply the indicators methodology;
  • To provide consultation on the visualization of ILA indicators;
  • To advise on the communication strategy of ILA milestones; and
  • To develop a functional mechanism to keep ILA database updated.

The day-to-day work of the Advisory Board will be carried out virtually and coordinated by the Project Manager. Virtual meetings and conference calls will also be organized to follow-up and as deemed necessarily.

ILA-AB members will receive onsite induction training on the methodology and how to apply the indicators to assess local legislation.

So join ILA-AB, if you have experience in internet governance with technical and/or legal background, internet regulation expertise, or good understanding of policy issues in the MENA region. While experts from the MENA countries are encouraged to apply, applications are open to candidates from the global community.

Interested candidates should send their CV and an expression of interest to [email protected] with subject line: ILA Advisory Board. The expression of interest should be 300-500 words highlighting the motive for joining ILA-AB and relevant experience.

Applications must be submitted by 21 June 2016. Successful candidates will be contacted via email by 28 June 2016.