Human Rights on the Internet: What’s at Stake?  

9 June, 2016

On Wednesday, June 29, 2016, the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS) will organize a roundtable discussion on the topic of Human Rights on the Internet: What’s at Stake? The roundtable will be hosted by HIVOS’s local partner in Amman, Leaders of Tomorrow. The event will bring together various groups of Internet users, including policymakers, technology experts, operators, Internet advocates, IT companies, researchers, media professionals, and interested individuals to debate important Internet governance policies in Jordan. Two workshop discussions will tackle the current problems and challenges when it comes to online human rights, Internet access, and the ICT sector.   

Internet freedom is an important human rights issue in Jordan. Many hope to broaden the scope of online freedoms and identify the outcomes that will ensure freedom of speech and freedom of access to information. An open discussion with the concerned stakeholders relating to the legal guidelines governing telecom services and Internet governance policies is very important. The ICT sector has made important progress, underlining the importance of putting forward accountable and transparent technology policies for sustainable social and economic development. The Jordanian government plans to launch a new strategy that will function as a roadmap to make Jordan a regional ICT hub in 2016.

The IGMENA community will “think together” on the inextricable link between economic success, human rights, and proper Internet governance, with the goal of advancing the future of the Internet in connection with government, the private sector, civil society, academia, and company policies. The ultimate goal is to achieve a highly conducive environment for better Internet governance in Jordan. This discussion will explore new policy solutions and encourage fresh ideas.We welcome you to join and enjoy a frank and open discussion.  

02H15-03H15 Roundtable 1:
Human Rights and Internet Governance
Roundtable 2:
Infrastructure and Internet Access
Moderator: Mr.Hamza Ben Mehrez
This roundtable will discuss key factors in online human rights policies. Participants will explore and present the most recent conditions and policies relating to Internet freedoms in Jordan, such as amendments to the new online freedoms laws and the key consequences for guaranteeing online human rights. The workshop will investigate new policy scenarios that enhance the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). It will also investigate the behavior of institutions involved in the regulation of online content such the Media Commission and its role vis-à-vis freedom of speech, digital activism, website operation, and the legal environment.
Moderator: Ms. Ahlam Abu-Jadallah
This roundtable will discuss the quality of infrastructure and standard policies for Internet access, as well as recommendations and challenges for the introduction of 4G, more affordable pricing, and increasing competition in the ICT sector. It will also explore the policies related to ease of access, price, and quality of Internet access in the country’s governorates and remote areas, which remains poor. Participants will investigate the role of the Telecommunications Regulation Commission (TRC) in relation to connectivity; telecom companies’ plans to charge for Internet calls (VoIP); ICT market regulations; new amendments; endorsement of free-market policies; and the licensing of quality assurance and its responsibility for monitoring of service quality.
03H15-04H00 Stock-taking and Way Forward
04H00-04H30 Closing