Internet Legislation Atlas outreaches the regional and global Internet governance community  

This past February, IGMENA launched the Internet Legislation Atlas platform. This is a tool that assesses and visualizes the level of compliance of selected digital rights vis-à-vis international human rights standards in seven countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Since then, the online platform received attention being a tool that responds to the needs of local community. From Febrary to May 2016, more than 1300 users visited ILA platform generating more than 2000 page views. 

Our work further included on-the-ground outreach to the at-large community with the support of the project’s global and local partners. Thanks to their contribution, we have pitched ILA at several policy dialogue fora and spotlighted its key research findings and recommendations. We organized a workshop on human rights and legislation impacting Internet users in the MENA Region at the Arab Internet Governance Forum 2015. We participated in the cross-regional learning and sharing workshop as well as projects gallery at Iran Cyber Dialogue 2016. At the global level, we weighed the interplay between human rights and technology in the MENA and Latin America regions at RightsCon 2016 and brought out the launch of the online platform. 

Throughout this outreach, we received positive feedback on ILA from a raft of civil society members and media workers. The tool was seen useful for advocacy efforts and the mainstream media. Scholars have also paid tribute to the legal analysis that the platform provides. In addition, we have received a number of requests to cover further countries in the region; some local organizations and individuals have offered to produce legal analysis of the domestic legal frameworks in their countries in order to join ILA platform.

The feedback also included recommended areas for improvement which we take into consideration seriously. Currently, we work on incorporating these recommendations to ensure the platform is up-to-date and continue to outline the gaps in the domestic laws and regulations while pinpointing opporunities for advocacy. 

Download infographic on ILA outreach: February-May 2015.